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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Cold and Dry

Hello to my .1 readers out there.

I am finally thawing out after a very cold early January here in Reno. I recorded a temperature of -1F at my apartment the morning of the 11th, and high temperatures for the better part of the week were below freezing. It was so cold that Donner Lake froze over later in the month and people were ice skating on the lake...until the temperatures warmed back up and someone fell through...
I was pretty cold in my apartment, but not as bad as this poor guy to the right here!
We had a little snow early in the month. One event in particular started out as a rain event, and as the cold front came through the rain iced over and the citizens of Reno looked like Bambi on Ice. They closed down every route home, leaving me stranded at DRI. I actually barely made it out of the parking lot due to a 1/2inch of ice trying to ascend a 20degree incline. My tires spun like the wings of a hummingbird with no avail. My speedometer read 80mph when I was really only going 2. I made it to the top of the hill somehow, 100 feet and 2 gallons of gas later , only to be faced with deathly slick roads and no way home. Adventure - I guess.

I guess I should link up my webpages that track climate for the state of California and Nevada to those interested.

California Climate Tracker

Nevada Climate Tracker


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