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Thursday, September 21, 2006

First Snow

At a conference last week. A very interesting and integrated view of climate change in the state of California was presented. Everything from paleo, to present, to future climate scenarios and how its impacts may be felt, and if it may be mitigated.
A few interesting tidbits

-A 1m rise in sea level will inudate 500 sq km of the Sacramento Bay Delta
-80,000 sq km of the state has been converted into Agricultural Land
+The impacts of Agriculture on climate appears to drop day time high temperatures and raise nighttime low temperatures...though the jury is still out
-Aerosols emitting in cities appear to decrease precipitation in the Sierras
-The ponderosa pine (lowest growing pine in the Sierras) has migrated upward 527 meters over the past 150 years
-A dry cow emits 14 thousand pounds of CO2 per year, a lactating cow emits 18 thousand

LINK O'WEEK: Check out some of the presentations here

Driving back through the Sierras we encountered the first snow of the season (mark your calendars, Sept 15). Coincidentially there was a beach volleyball tournament in Tahoe...interesting mix, a white volleyball in a white court! Not sure if they still wore their speedos.

Thanks to my Mom! She helped me sort things out as I moved into my new apartment. I will post pics when I have a chance.

Still working too much. I need to make it a policy to leave before the sun sets...


Blogger odelind said...

Hi John,
Looks like a nice apartment. Buy original art now! By the time you retire it will appreciate! Mom looks good but next time the girl on the sofa should be a scientific hottie. I like the idea of leaving before sunset, especially with the time change.
Have fun.
Linda O

Wed Sep 27, 08:27:00 PM 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi John,

This is JoAnn from Huntington Beach, (in case you forgot who I am) I miss our intelligent conversations and I am sliding backwards. You will be home here at Thanksgiving to re-educate. I love your appartmenmt and a little of it reminds me of home. Sorry about the shower curtain, but I will get you one for Christmas. (I won't say anything about girls) But if you want to share, I am ready to listen. Miss you lots. Fondly JoAnn

Mon Oct 23, 07:21:00 PM 2006  

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