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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ode to Callie

So long my friend.

My dear dog, Callie, passed this weekend after being an Abatzoglou for 14 years.

She was a true savior for me personally, and will always be a hero to me. She was a friend when I had none, and always gave unconditional love. Given the several rough patches in my life, she somehow motivated me to move onward and enjoy life. You can learn a lot from dogs, how they find enjoyment from the little things in life, a gentle pet, the way you would talk to her in dog-speak (some strange high-pitched baby noise, that my Dad speaks better than his English). Callie was a true Abatzoglou and defined "home". She was dependable, if not embarassing from time to time, and was about as smart as you would want a dog to be.
A few random memories from Callie...
Sleeping in my bed and finding a way to steal the covers at my expense
Being the #1 terrorist on Dryden Ave
Always finding the "best" place to sit
Kisses and dog breath (not to mention trying to brush her teeth with MEAT flavored toothpaste, yummy!)
The yellow squash incident
Jumping out a moving car, and going on the roof to chase cats
"Swimming" in the Pool with John
For the love of walks and beef
Howling at bad kareoke
The picky eater (loved Mr. Chaus, pasta, and John's cereal...despised potato products)
...please add your own so I can add to this list...

Best of all she had a great heart and will always be treasured by those who knew her. I know that I will surely miss Callie. I love you Callie.


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