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Friday, October 27, 2006

Happy Nevada Day

Nevada Day?

Yes, this is an actual observed holiday in the state of Nevada to celebrate Nevada's entrance into the Union. In appropriate Nevadaish fashion, Nevada day falls on October 31!!! As if the people needed more reasons to booze it up and gamble their dollars away. I shouldn't be complaining about a holiday...but Nevada day, pretty self-righteous if you ask me!

I have no clue what is going on with the politics here in Nevada, but a few notes of interest. A bunch of sons of former famous people are running for office (Jimmy Carter's son, and the old b-ball coach of the Running Rebels, Tarkanian's son is running). Secondly, they refer to what California's call "propositions" as "questions" here. I guess this seems odd to me, but then again a "proposition" may sound odd to those out of California.

I went to a meeting in Sacramento this week to spread the word on this climate index that I am creating. It should be operational January 2007. Not to keep you waiting, the preliminary results show that the state has warmed about 1.5F over the last 50yr, with the nighttime lows increasing 2.2F/50 and the highs only 0.8F/50yr. Obviously a lot more info is in the works, so I will keep you updated.

Finally, I had a chance to see a couple pretty good indie films lately. Akeelah and the Bee, Starbucks first film - a good story about an intercity girl striving to be a wordsmith... and The Worlds Fastest Indian, a true story about a crazy old New Zealand dude who is devoted to making his motorcycle the fastest in the world. The later was especially good, as it was almost a travelogue of his adventures enroute to the Bonneville Flats from the opposite side of the world.

For this reason, the week of the link is Netflix. Disclaimer: I am not payed by Netflix, however, if they come across this blog and decide they enjoy the advertising...well you know the address to send the check to.


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